Announcement Guidelines

Make a Statement

WSHU Public radio is governed by regulations and policies adopted by the Federal Trade Commission (FCC). These guidelines seek to preserve the noncommercial nature of WSHU Public Radio. It’s what makes public radio unique in sound and substance. In addition to providing exceptional programming, it is important that we maintain an uncluttered and trusting environment to keep listeners engaged.

Underwriting Announcements May

  • Describe your business in a value neutral way
  • Identify services & products
  • Describe your organization’s mission (must conform with station guidelines)
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor
  • Include a corporate slogan as long as it meets guideline and is not promotional
  • Include a street address and a web address or telephone number (time permitting)
  • Indicate the number of years you’ve been in business

Underwriting Announcements May Not Include

  • Qualitative, comparative or superlative language (best, oldest, fastest, Pulitzer prize, award-winning)
  • A call to action: (call now, visit our store, go to the web, come on down)
  • An inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease
  • Reference to price or value ( free, low interest, on sale now, reduced)
  • Personal pronouns (you, yours, we, ours)
  • Endorsements
  • Contain language advocating political, religious or social causes

Announce Yourself

WSHU offers our underwriters the flexibility to tailor on-air announcements to fit their specific needs. As an underwriter, you can choose from several popular options or work with us to create a customized plan. You can target your underwriting message to be heard during specific programs or choose a rotating schedule to reach all available audiences. Our 50+ years of on-air experience enables us to help guide your choice of message options.

The Clean Fifteen

Local support comes from Standard Oil of Connecticut, providing automatic oil and propane delivery, and service technicians working around the clock to keep homes warm. On-line at Standard Oil dot com or 800-822-3835.

Local support comes from Yale University Art Gallery. Now on view, Fazal Sheikh: Exposures, intimate portraits of people and communities displaced by conflict and environmental change. More at Art Gallery dot Yale dot edu.

The Zen Ten

And from Chatham Place at Mary Wade, building on 150 years in a new assisted living and memory care community in New Haven. Mary Wade dot org.

And from Native, a plant nursery in Fairfield. Helping to restore balance to people and the environment with indigenous plants and sustainable landscapes. A Native Plant Nursery dot com.