Non-Commercial. Mission Driven.

WSHU is a non-profit, listener-supported group of public radio stations whose mission is to be a unique and independent voice in our community. Every day, we engage listeners through a range of thoughtful programming that includes NPR News, award-winning local news, entertainment and classical music.

WSHU Listeners Are More…

Educated and Informed

56% have an Advanced Degree

Affluent and Established

45% have a HHI 0f $100k+

17% have a HHI of $200K+

51% are Professional/Managerial

Involved In Decision Making

25% are in Top Management, C-suite or Owner/Partner


17% Participated in three or more public activities

10% have been an active member of a group that tries to influence public policy or government

Cultural & Passionate about the Arts

60% visit area museums quarterly or more often

65% attend live theatre or concerts quarterly or more often.

Community-Minded & Involved

94% participated in a public activity

74% voted in a federal, state or local election

25% Participated in fundraising

27% served as an officer of a club or on a committee

Environmentally Conscious

73% believe being in tune with nature and preserving the environment are important

80% recycle

14% Participated in environmental groups/causes

Engaged and Loyal

71% have been listening 11+ years

35% have been listening 20+ years

And More Gets Results!

83% of listeners take action in response to something they hear on-air!

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from a friend or family (source: Nielsen)

74% of WSHU listeners have a more positive opinion about your business simply for sponsoring programming (on WSHU) and will go out of their way to do business with you.

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Not Just a Click. A Real Connection

Your announcements work because they are believable. They create an emotional connection with our loyal listeners that no commercial or digital ad can match.

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